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We are an importer-Wholesaler of Cell Phone Accessories. The cell phone accessories business is here to stay and growing year after year. Most people age 14 to 80 own a cell phone and the average cell phone user purchase 5 accessories every year.With our low price point and eye catching colorful display sales are not hard to come by.This is a turnkey business opportunity that anyone can get into and be successful.

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I would just like to let anyone who is interested in started their own business to take a serious look at Cell RoutesUSA. It is very affordable and has tremendous potential. I have been in the business for less than a month and have been able to secure 9 locations and currently working on a contact for 4 more and that is just the beginning. This is not one of those business opportunities that sell you a book and you never here from them again or can never reach them by phone if you have questions or concerns. Roni the owner is always available and willing to help you anyway that he can to make you successful. What I like the most is Roni is still in the business operating his routes and making money. He knows from experience what works and is willing to pass this information on to his distributors. If you are serious about a money making opportunity this is it! Thanks,
Nathan, Saint Charles, MO

I  began working with Cell Routes USA Inc. about 15 months ago. We started with 15 locations and have increased it to about 40 locations. This has been a very profitable and enjoyable business. Working with Cell Routes USA has been the best business decision I have made as they consistently provide you with everything necessary to make your business a success! I highly recommend working with them if you are considering this type of business.

Larry K., Upstate NY

Being a director with a financial services corporation I was looking for something that not only required little investment with tremendous upside, but more importantly I wanted something that wouldn’t be time consuming, and this is exactly that. A little skeptical in the beginning, about the market, not Roni, Roni went above and beyond the call of duty by putting me in touch with his top route owner who took the time to answer all of my questions. I started with 10 locations and now, 3 months into it I have a total of 19 locations, and my goal is to keep adding locations to my route on regular basis. I visit most of my locations once a month for about 15 minutes to restock, and the income from each location is excellent.

Daniel B.  Charleston, SC

I have only been working with Cell Routes USA for a short time, but from the first conversation with Roni everything was handled exactly as he explained it. Accessory displays and accessory orders arrive quickly and well packaged to avoid damage. I don’t have any experience in route sales, but I just landed a 16 location account and Cell Routes USA was very helpful giving me all the tools I needed to succeed. If you are looking for an exciting, profitable opportunity, Cell Routes USA is a great choice.

Jason D. Syracuse, NY

I have to say that this Cell Routes USA distribution business has been absolutely great!BrianA
I started my distribution route a little over three weeks ago. I started out purchasing 10 display units and have set in place 8 of them thus far. I have 4 hospitals, 3 car washes and one small supermarket or Mercado.
I followed the prescribed training that I received from purchasing my business and the valuable (daily on call training) I get from Mr. Roni Levy. His superb skills and experience have been a great asset to my success thus far.
It is such a great feeling to be able to run your own distribution route business and generate your own money. I never feel that I am out there all alone. Roni is always a phone call away or an email away to advise all of us!
I highly recommend this low overhead business to anyone that has the drive, will, and energy to succeed. If you follow the prescribed methods that Mr.Levy offers as part of the business owner’s package, you cannot help, but be successful!
I hope this testimonial inspires more potential cell phone accessory distribution owners to take full advantage of this outstanding opportunity. I wish I would have started this 5 years ago. I am sure glad I got started now!

Brian A.  San Diego, CA