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About us

A company which you can trust

Thank you for visiting my site. Two years ago I decided to add the Cell phone route opportunity to my wholesale business. After running my own businesses for 35 years I knew that I could help other people run their own business and be successful.
I wanted to offer customers something with very low risk, low start up cost, growth potential, mass appeal products and something I can teach and guide any motivated person to do.
After two years, I put over 60 route owners in business across the US with hundreds of displays placed. I can proudly say that I exceeded all of my goals.

Who are our customers?

I have many customers that have full time jobs and just want to supplement their income. Those owners usually run a route of 10 to 20 locations that require only a few hours of work a month.
I have many route owners that started with 10 to 15 locations and decided to grow the route. Those owners are adding locations on a regular basis and are now running a 40 plus locations route.
A few of my route owners wanted to start fast and with many locations. Those customers purchase 30 to 50 display stands and use a locator company to obtain their locations. I have a few locators that I can recommend to you. Those locators did work for customers of mine and are familiar with the products and the work that needs to be done.

Business Approach

Whether you are running a 10 to 15 locations route or a 50 locations route, one thing is for sure: The only way I am successful is if YOU are successful.
With our training and unmatched support I do all I can to help you with anything you need. I have many route owners without any previous experience in running a business. With my help they are now running a lucrative route.
So my business approach is simple. I will do anything I can to help you with anything you need. I am always available to help route owners and answer all questions and concerns.
If you are serious about running your own business, making your own money with something that is fun, low risk and has huge growth potential this opportunity is for you.

Give us a call with all your questions and for more details. 813-298-9463
I am looking forward to talking with you.